Kinesiology Training

Practitioner Diploma Module Descriptions

Anatomy & Physiology - Non Kinesiology - 4 Days

The Cell and Cell Diversity, Vascular, Lymphatic, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Endocrine, Digestive & Respiratory Systems, The Senses: Skin, Eye, Ear & Nose.

Biokinetic Exercises - Wellness Kinesiology - 1 Day

Discover the power of easily-learned biokinetic exercises to balance hypotonic or hypertonic muscles, address low back pain, and neck and shoulder tension. Biokinetic exercises for 16 indicator muscles used in Touch for Health. Using muscle monitoring to identify optimal positions and optimum time to use each exercise.

Defusing Stuck Emotions - Wellness Kinesiology - 1 Day

Learn the Callahan method to release deep-seated fears, overcome psychological reversals, and explore addictions, compulsions and self-sabotage behaviours. Integrate muscle monitoring with this powerful technique, allowing deeper levels of healing. Learn how different emotions relate to the Chinese Law of Five Elements, and how to apply this knowledge to defuse stuck emotions such as anger, rage, embarrassment, grief, loneliness and depression.

Energy Centres - Wellness Kinesiology - 1 Day

Identify and balance energy centres with emotional reflexes, acupressure points, head massage, auricular and foot reflexes.

Nutritional Testing - Wellness Kinesiology - 2 Days

Learn how to determine which nutrients your body needs generally and specifically, and whether your body can handle those nutrients. How to prioritize your nutritional needs. Testing for air quality, toxicity, and more.

Nutritional Theory - Non Kinesiology - 4 Days

Definitions, Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein, Free Radicals, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplementation, Water, Tissue Salts, Acid and Alkalis, Healing Foods, Food Sensitivities, Food Additives, Food Poisoning Bacteria, Diet-related Health Issues, Food Combinations, Various Diets, Current Irish Dietary Guidelines, Food Pyramid, Food Diary.

Practice Management - Non Kinesiology - 4 Days

How to set up and run a successful Practice, Choosing a Location, Dress Code, Pricing, Communicating with clients, Active Listening, Vision and Mission Statement for your business, Bookkeeping, Record Keeping, Taxation, Legal Structures, Marketing, Know your Customers & Competitors, Quality Service, Designing Brochure & Stationery, Overcoming Barriers to Setting Up Practice, Support.

Wellness Kinesiology Proficiency - 2 Days

A day and a half review of Wellness Kinesiology material followed by practical, oral and written exams.

Success over Distress - Wellness Kinesiology - 2 Days

What is stress and how to use muscle monitoring to identify what is causing distress. Learn techniques which will enable you to effectively release the physical, emotional and mental effects of stress.

Touch for Health Modules

Vibrational Healing Tools - Kinesiology Training - 2 Days

Learn how to use magnets, colour, sound and essences as vibrational healing tools and how to integrate these tools with kinesiology. Working without the medical model and incorporate chakras, auras, figure 8 energy flows, stars of the being and meridians into your balances. Learn how to build the vibration and a new use of the more mode.

Working with Emotions - Wellness Kinesiology - 2 Days

Learn reflex points relating to 20 major meridians and work with the positive and negative emotions relating to organs and body systems to bring them back into balance. Also included are working with emotions to eliminate pain, and the use of GAMMA 1 and GAMMA 2 muscle monitoring and priority mode.