Kinesiology Training

Touch for Health

Touch for Health is a holistic natural healthcare course.

It uses Muscle Monitoring as a biofeedback tool to identify imbalances in the body and the most appropriate corrections, thus allowing the body to reveal what it needs to heal itself.

Muscle monitoring involves placing the limbs in difference positions and asking the person to hold while the testor applies gentle pressure. The muscle's ability to hold the position or not indicates the level of balance or imbalance.

Corrections will vary according to what your body says it needs but may include massage or touch on reflex or acupuncture points, meridian work, simple exercises or nutritional changes.

Benefits »

Touch for Health is the starting point in Kinesiology for most people. The foundation course consists of 4 modules, TFH 1-4, which are taught over 60 hours. Other Touch for Health Modules are the homestudy workbook and Proficiency Module.

Module Descriptions »

No previous knowledge or experience is required.

Course Dates »

On completion of TFH 1-4 an International Kinesiology College Certificate of Attendance will be awarded. This course is also approved by Kinesiology Association of Ireland and 60 hours will be awarded towards their requirements for Professional Membership.

On completion and successful assessment of the Workbook a further 60 hours will be awarded towards the KAI requirements for Professional Membership.

On successful completion of the Proficiency Assessment an International Kinesiology Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded. This module also counts for 15 hours credit towards the KAI requirements for Professional Membership.

Foundation Course TFH 1-4 €1,000
TFH Workbook €100
TFH Proficiency €300
TFH Metaphors €250
TFH Training Workshop (previously ITW) €900

To register for this course please print the Booking Form and post along with a non refundable deposit cheque of €300 made payable to Harmony Holistics to Jackie Lysaght, Harmony Holistics, 12 Pallas Derg, Newtown, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland.

For more information or if you have any queries please contact us.