Kinesiology Training

Touch for Health Module Descriptions

TFH 1 - 2 Days
History & philosophy of TFH, Muscle Monitoring, Fix as you Go 14 Muscle Balance, Surrogate Testing

TFH 2 - 2 Days
Further 14 Muscle Balance, Yin/Yang, Wheel & Chinese Law of 5 Elements 1 Point Balance, Food Testing

TFH 3 - 2 Days
Final 14 Muscles, Goal Balance with Emotions, Reactive Muscle Balance, Pain Techniques

TFH 4 - 2 Days
Synthesis Balance, 42 Muscle Balance, Sound & Colour Balance, Time of Day Balance

TFH Workbook - Homestudy
A workbook of TFH balances to be completed at home, with the exception of the final synthesis balance which is supervised by the Assessor. The workbook is assessed by the Proficiency Assessor.

TFH 1-4 Proficiency - 2 Days
A day and a half review of TFH 1-4 material followed by practical and written exams

TFH Metaphors - 2 Days
Using dialogue and creative visualisation access mental/emotional and sensory/associative aspects of memory, posture and energy to make your TFH and Kinesiology balancing more profound, effective and meaningful. Efficiently utilise the 111 metaphors to feel better and to gain insight and enthusiasm for your life.